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It was in 1996 that Les Caramels fous, Equivox and Mélo’Men, the three singing pillars of Voices Against Aids- LGBT Music, in the words of Jürgen Pletsch, from Piano-Zinc, decided, based on an idea from Equivox, to unite their voices for the first time and hold a concert for the benefit of associations fighting against AIDS.

Here is the list of beneficiary associations since 1996:

Dated Beneficiary association Guest Choir
11/30/1996 Parsifal + Basiliade
01/24/1998 Positives
04/26/1999 Actions-Wages (63,956 F)
01/31/2000 ARCAT-AIDS (76,707 F)
04/02/2001 Draw me a sheep + ACT UP Paris (53,780 F)
03/19/2002 The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (€10,166)
02/10/2003 Douai SIDA (€13,588) + donated by SACEM (€565)
02/19/2004 ACGLSF (€13,244) SAR
11/29/2005 Basiliade (€8,750) + donated by SACEM (€323) All Zazimuth
01/30/2007 Aids Info Kiosk (€9,475) + donated by SACEM (€347) Mozaïk vocal sextet
01/10/2008 The Refuge and the Young Seropotes (€12,284) Podium Paris
04/09/2009 Little Happiness (€11,632.02) The Pink Singers
01/31/2011 Rainbhospital (€10,996) Tadam!
02/06/2012 Acceptess-T  (€1,000)/ Basiliade  (€4,000)/ Draw Me a Sheep  (€4,000) Vocal ensemble of the 18th century Conservatory
24 and 25/02/2013 APTAA  (€8,000)/  Le Refuge  (€8,000)
02/16/2014 The House of Life (€2,500) / The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Convent of Paname (€3,400) / Les Séropotes Paris (€4,000) / Acceptess-T (€1,700)

The Voix Contre Le Sida concert was first presented by Jürgen, joined in 1999 by Charlène Duval, alias Jean-Philippe Maran. They animate the Trianon with their duo, where the concerts take place until 2009 .

From 2004 , the opportunity is given to invite a fourth participant each year to present a vocal program and join the Caramels Fous, Equivox and Mélo’Men.
Since 2011 , the concerts of the Voices Against Aids- LGBT Music are given at the Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell. In 2012 , Madame Raymonde, alias Denis d’Arcangelo, presented it. In 2013 Charlène Duval sponsors the two evenings given exceptionally on the occasion of the 15th edition. She did it again in 2014.