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“It is a tradition and a militant act for Mélo’Men to get involved alongside Equivox and Les Caramels Fous, at each new edition of “Voix Contre le SIDA”.

However modest it may be, the support we provide for the projects of the various associations that approach us is all the more appreciated as public subsidies are becoming rarer and more difficult to obtain. These associations and all their members who invest with passion and without counting their efforts and their time deserve to be encouraged. Mélo’Men thanks you for your generous contribution to the success of “Voices Against AIDS”, whether it involves supporting prevention, or even providing friendliness, listening and help to people affected by HIV-AIDS.

Mélo’Men, directed by John Dawkins, is an amateur men’s choir. Founded in 1994, it is made up of around fifty gay or gay friendly singers. The repertoire favors the classical, with a predilection for composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. A significant place is reserved for variety. Mélo’Men performs in the US, most often in Las Vegas, and abroad, at festivals or at the invitation of other choirs and also participates in various solidarity demonstrations.